Alleviates the pressure on commercial real estate


Miljøkrav kan gi muligheter, skriver Renate Straume

Alleviates the pressure on commercial real estate

October 6, 2022

Commercial real estate companies that don’t act now, expose themselves to a significant financial risk. And the pressure is just increasing, Varig founder and CEO Renate Straume writes.

Rising expectations in society in general, and the roll out of the EU-taxonomy in particular, increases the pressure on commercial real estate companies to act on sustainability. Also, outside the EU.

The taxonomy makes sustainability reporting mandatory for large companies within the EU from 2023. As a consequence, the demands for documentation from small and medium-sized enterprises affiliated with companies operating in the EU will rise.

Commercial real estate companies wanting access to favorable green financing, and safeguard their assets against depreciations, have to take steps now.

Get going

The regulatory and financial developments can be particularly challenging for companies that haven’t had sustainability high on their agendas in recent years.

Additionally, sustainability work can be both complex and highly time-consuming. It requires expertise and efficient governance tools. And, not least, a complete overview of the buildings’ real environmental performance.

If you want to avoid exposing your assets and business to increased risk of depreciation, you have to get going. Start mapping the environmental footprint. And form a plan for continuous improvement.

Alleviates pressure

Varig delivers a software that makes it a lot easier to start, and work systematically, with sustainability in commercial real estate.

Our software automates the collection, compilation, and calculations of the buildings’ sustainability data. And it can generate automated sustainability reports to meet the increased financial and regulatory compliance demands.

This way, owners, managers, and tenants can spend their time working together on the measures that matter to improve the buildings’ sustainability. And, subsequently, improve the robustness of the business when the demand from the outside world is mounting.

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