Leading growth in Sweden


Hasse Krystad, Charlotte Dedekam

Leading growth in Sweden

February 14, 2023

Varig bolsters its presence in the Nordics, with seasoned professional Hasse Krystad joining the team to further the company’s growth in the Swedish commercial real estate market.

Krystad started his new position as New Business Manager on February 13th. He joins Varig from Ørn Software. There he played a key part in establishing the company’s sales department for the business areas FDV and Facility Management.

With extensive experience in sales in general, and Proptech in particular, Krystad now looks forward to becoming part of a fast-growing company. In a field of importance to him.

“It’s very rewarding to get to work with something about which I’m passionate: sustainability in real estate. To get to push solutions to a problem of great urgency. To get to spread a technology that can really make a positive difference in the world, is very motivating. In addition, the timing is great for me personally. I’m able to keep the momentum I’ve gained in Proptech sales,” Krystad said.

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Increasing need

Krystad says he views VARIG as a holistic solution in the intersection of Legaltech and Proptech.

VARIG addresses a huge untapped potential. Both on the climate and environment side and on the business side. Industry stakeholders are faced with rapidly increasing demands, from many sides. From compliance reporting to upholding their commercial attraction among tenants. VARIG can alleviate much of the pressure they are facing regarding sustainability,” Krystad said.

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Multi-market growth

Krystad joins a sales force that is highly active in many European markets.

New Business Director Charlotte Dedekam says Krystad will contribute in several of the prioritized markets but have a dedicated responsibility for the company’s commercial growth in Sweden.

“Hasse (Krystad) has previously worked in companies with HQs in Sweden. He is used to work with sales to larger corporations, which often require forming long term relationship to build trust. This is a particularly important experience when entering the Swedish market, which contains many large listed property companies,” Dedekam says. She adds:

“His wide range of experience, working with everything from computing equipment and critical communications technology to GDPR-issues and Facility Management, will be useful when explaining how VARIG can make the complexity of sustainability a whole lot easier for our clients.

Krystad has formerly worked for Everbridge Norway, Draftit Privacy, TC Connect, Zenitel Norway, VHF Communication, Consafe Logistics, Kontor IT and Bravida Sør IKT. His educational background is from Næringsakademiet, and in the period 1993-1996 he became the first Norwegian to reach a higher ordination as a Buddhist Munk within the Theravada-tradition.

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