Norway Overshoot Day 2023


Earth Overshoot Day 2023

Norway Overshoot Day 2023

April 12, 2023

April 12th represents Norway’s Overshoot Day in 2023. “A solid reminder of the urgency to act on sustainability,” Varig’s Jonas Haugan writes.

The organization Global Footprint Network annually calculates the Earth Overshoot Day. And this text’s featured image reveals a disturbing truth:

If the entire world had the same consumption as Norway, we would’ve exhausted the planet’s resources and “spent the annual budget” by April 12th.

This date should be an eye-opener as to the importance of reducing our consumption.

Jonas Haugan
Jonas Haugan

Key industry

The real estate industry has an important role to play for a more sustainable society. The industry’s consumption of resources significantly impact the overall numbers. But, this also leaves it with a unique opportunity to be part of the solution.

Should one wish to be part of the solution, it’s imperative to have control over your real consumptions and emissions. And work systematically to reduce the environmental footprint.

This could comprise any number of measures, such as more effective utilisation of energy and material circularity. The value chain within real estate offers plenty of opportunities for positive impact. The key is to leverage real data to make informed decisions and point one’s effort to the most impactful areas.

Together one can influence customers and parters to make more sustainable choices. By working together (SDG 17), sharing knowledge and best-practices, real estate stakeholders can contribute in pushing the date in the right direction.

Let’s use this day as a reminder of the importance to improve together for a more sustainable future. #sustainability #movethedate

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