Tomorrow’s talents


One of tomorrow's talents at Varig, Thomas Høiby

Tomorrow’s talents

September 7, 2022

The two interns Thomas Høiby and Kyle Martini provide fresh perspectives to Varig’s R&D units.

Through the Virtual Internships Program, environmental studies major Kyle Martini supports Varig’s research of ESG-reporting and sustainability trends in the U.S. and Canada.

“I am passionate about ESG-policies and partnering with the property management industry in adopting better sustainability practices. Through my studies I know just how important Varig’s work is. And I’m excited to see how I can help Varig expand into and reshape policy and sustainability norms in the U.S. and Canada,” Martini says.

Kyle Martini
Kyle Martini

Chief Sustainability Officer Stefani Papadaki says Martini’s research into the North American markets gives important insights to assess future policy developments also outside of the EU.

“I’m very pleased to have Kyle be part of our research and innovation team. He offers us a new way of assessing things. And he has insights into the latest regulatory developments on the opposite side of the Atlantic,” Papadaki says.

Varig on NTNU’s platform

Soon to complete his bachelor’s degree in interaction design at NTNU, Thomas Høiby is another of tomorrow’s talents joining the company in 2022.

“At NTNU there is a lot of focus on sustainability in and around design. To see how this all unfolds as a product designer for Varig is highly educational. It is really exciting to see how Varig is a strategic partner to property companies. The software makes it so much easier for the clients to understand and act on sustainability,” Høiby says.

Chief Product Officer Kriszti Toth says Høiby’s internship provides learning both ways.

“Thomas is making good progress on a well-defined, yet achievable, challenge. His efforts will make our product even more accessible and engaging for our users. Getting the perspectives of tomorrow’s talents also help us strengthen our team practices,” Toth says.

Featured image: Thomas Høiby

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