Are you rigged for upcoming reporting demands?


Are you rigged for upcoming reporting demands?

February 13, 2021

Following the gradual roll-out of the EU-taxonomy the commercial real estate industry is faced with new reporting demands for sustainability. Is your company rigged for these reporting demands?

The reporting demands for sustainability and ESG are becoming formalized through new frameworks. By offering smart software solutions, Varig helps real estate companies report more easily.

The market is changing. And, the new buzzword in the industry is “EU taxonomy”. In short, this is about a new reporting framework, A framework being introduced in the EU and Norway.

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We do not yet know how the demands will affect every company. Nor do we know who will be subject to them and when. What we do know is that some already hold certifications, such as Miljøfyrtårn, or have BREEAM In Use certified portfolios. And based on that, already have had some experience with sustainability reporting.

Because restructuring or adaption to new ways often is time-consuming, it will benefit those without said experience to start preparing. One thing with one should be familiarized, is energy rating. Energy labeling is said to be a key parameter in taxonomy. Also, the earlier you start measuring, the better rigged you are to meet the new demands.

Get ahead

It takes time to store data that forms a good basis for seeing a development trend or a comparison with other companies. If you start the work of retrieving sustainability data today (without having historical data in place), you are only ready to see connections in two years.

Competitive advantage

Eventually, a good environmental footprint is considered a hygiene factor. Something everyone just has to have in place.

The tenant places greater demands on the building owner. Who, in turn, delivers stronger competitive force by delivering sustainable buildings early. That way, building owners will be more attractive in the market.

The investor community also sees great demand and zeal for green, sustainable and future-oriented projects.

Get an overview, and prepare your buildings for the new reporting demands:

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