Sustainability software for commercial real estate

As buildings make up close to 40 per cent of the global CO2-emissions, the commercial property industry is under scrutiny. Financial institutions are depreciating assets not meeting the rising sustainability standards, and governments are imposing regulations to enforce sustainable change.

However, accessing and making use of a building’s data for actionable measures, and reporting these compliantly, has always been a complex and time-consuming endeavor. Well, not anymore.

Get a complete overview

Varig’s software automatically collects and compiles both the embodied and operational data of your buildings to provide you with a holistic and intelligible overview of your environmental performance.

By converting all emissions data – from the construction materials used decades ago, to the electric heating used last winter – into comparable CO2-equivalents, our software gives you the insights you need to work systematically and strategically with sustainability. Compare KPIs, single assets and entire portfolios to identify the most impactful measures for your operation.

Improve together

Varig allows you to invite an unlimited number of users to your account.

This way owners, managers, tenants, and other stakeholders, can all access the buildings’ environmental performance numbers, customized insights reports, and work towards common objectives, both in the embedded UN’s SDG-framework and the unique feature Goals which leverages real time data to monitor the efficiency of the measures implemented on asset and portfolio level.

To further inspire and nudge sustainable actions, activate the content carousel Varig Engages on the screens in your buildings’ common areas.

Save time with automated reporting

To meet the steadily increasing demands from users and partners to financial and public institutions alike, Varig’s automated reporting feature lets you quickly generate quarterly and annual reports for the buildings and KPIs you wish to include.

Customize your report with comments or any additional information, or just click your way through the report generator and let Varig’s software deliver a complete report for your financial and regulatory sustainability compliance.

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