Business in Europe: VARIG


Renate Straume på Business in Europe

Business in Europe: VARIG

November 22, 2022

The Dutch television channel RTL7 sent a camera-crew to interview Varig for its program series “Business in Europe”. See the 2-minute segment that aired in Holland on November 13th here.

Read a written summary of Varig founder and CEO Renate Straume’s answers, below the embedded video.

Sustainability software for commercial real estate

“Varig makes sustainability software for commercial real estate. And makes it easy to get the overview, to improve, and to report on your buildings.

How Varig came to be

I started the company about three years ago. It was really born out of my experiences within the real estate and construction industry, where I worked for about 15 years.

It’s an industry that has a huge impact on the world. And for it to change fast, technology is needed. You need new systems to facilitate change happening fast. And as we wanted to make this industry more sustainable fast, new technology was the way to do it.

What we deliver

Our software really gives you the complete overview of your environmental performance. It gathers data on both the operational footprint and the embodied footprint of your buildings. And then compiles it, so everyone can; understand it, use it to improve, and report your progress.

Dynamic reporting is really important in this space. And compliance reporting is increasingly important for our clients. That’s at the core of what we do.

How Varig works

The instant impact

We help our partners by, not only providing them with a sustainability platform, but also through the process of them becoming a user of our system. We help them compliance check their data. And just by enabling their users, they start to change faster. Because the system supports them becoming more structured in the way that they work with sustainability. They also get instant feedback on; is it working or not; from us measuring the effect of their actions.

It’s nice to get the feedback stating that they acknowledge that just becoming a client with Varig has helped them move forward.

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Looking ahead

Our plans for the future are pretty big. Our goal is now to grow fast, so we can make change happen faster in this industry. An industry that really does need to change. Its impact on the world is huge. So, let’s make it a more sustainable industry as fast as possible.

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